Twilight Rainfall

I close my eyes and dream of my special place, filled with serenity. My escape from the daily grind and my escape from the madness of life. My place my escape houses my throne. My throne that consists of a lone oak tree in the middle of a giant field with tall green grass. I watch the grass dance to the song of the wind. I watch the grass as it stays in rhythm with the beautiful song the wind sings. What a relaxing sight. I sit on my throne underneath my oak tree and I look to the heavens. I see a cloudless sky with so many little lights that I couldn’t count if I wanted too. They all light up at divergent times as if carrying on a conversion with each other. What a beautiful sight to behold from my throne. I close my eyes and feel the wind on my skin. I then feel wetness on my face. Am I crying? I open my eyes and see beautiful sparkles in the shape of raindrops are falling from the sky. How is this possible? I look to the sky and it seems as if all those tiny little lights are crying but there is no sadness in my special place. I scream at those lights and ask why are you so sad. They only shine brighter as if smiling, then I realize those raindrops are tears of happiness because of the peace I have found within myself. As I sit on my throne I am at peace. I enjoy my twilight rainfall while I smile at the dancing grass, smiling stars, and the beautiful song the wind is singing for me.


There’s usually an eerie feeling attached to the ever-present

That is lacking in the case of this rodent

That has eaten deep into the fabrics of our populace

I’m not referring to the normal ‘corruption’ story

But an unsung melancholy of the Mainstay of Medilag

Its ubiquity unrivalled by the other vices

Without much ado, my reference is to the issue of teasing/wine-ing


“Stop wine-ing me now”, a common phrase used by all

In sheer ignorance of the person’s true opinion about you

You smile, blush and laugh it off

And reply to counterbalance His strike

Setting the roller coaster on and on


This ill’s origin is not ascertain

But its damage is rather far fetched

A farce overshadowed by its normalcy

You bow, you kneel, you prostrate and cower

In your attempt to tag Him your superior

Even when you are far domineering

Humility? No, it’s plain…

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Very nice read…

Writing a Fiction Book- Come Along for My Journey

She sat in the closet, feeling ants march along her skin. She was so hungry but knew if she cried, it would only make it worse. In the past when she cried, he would hit her from her chest down to her stomach. As her stomach growled, she thought about how long she had been there. To a six year old, it seemed like forever. In reality, she had been there since six p.m. the night before.  Wishing she didn’t have to stay there, she heard the voice of her mother, her real mother, and longed for her.

“Felicity!” she would say. “Aren’t you hungry? Do you want me to eat your food? Maybe I should give it to Bird Bird? Or maybe Mickey Mouse? Do you want them to have your food?”

“No, mommy! I want my food!”

“Then you should be a good girl and eat it. Not…

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Selling Books in a Social World: Twitter

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Welcome back to Selling Books in a Social World! Last time we looked at Selling on Facebook and today we are honing in on Twitter; what you should and shouldn’t do to successfully sell your books using this social media platform.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is the fast paced social network, filled with mentions (@), hashtags (#) and short bursts of information limited to 140 characters. Twitter can be very intimidating for some authors because the 140 character limit cuts down on the amount of embellishment for each post. But learning to utilize Twitter to showcase who you are as an author can mean larger book sales.

Why should I?

Let’s do an exercise: Who is your favorite author? Would you like an inside look at their life and how they are inspired? Do you want to know how they develop characters? Do you want to know when they will…

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      “Do not fuck with us, we will kill every hostage in this bitch if we do not get what the fuck we ask for,” said the bank robber.  “If you think this is a fucking game, watch this.” He grabs a young woman in her mid-twenties and presses a gun to her nose, and walks her to the front doors of the bank.  “Please do not hurt me” the woman says as she stares at the barrel of the gun with teary eyes.  “I am sorry love, but you will be my example,” then the robber pulls the trigger spilling the woman’s brains all over the walls and bank doors.  The rest of the hostages scream and cry in disbelief over what they just witnessed.  The robber tells his colleagues, “Maybe that will get their fucking attention.”

In the sea of hostages a young man starts laughing.  He stands to reveal a face filled with excitement, wearing a suit and tie with wide rim glasses.  The young man removes his glasses to say, “Judgment has come.”  The bank robbers look at the young man with confusion along with the rest of the hostages.  Judgment bows to the leader of the robbers and begins to speak, “You have all been judged, and now will face punishment.  You all may refer to me as “R” for the little time you have left.  Now that the formalities are done, it is time to begin to deal out punishment.”  Judgment raises his hand and everyone freezes in place.  It is as if they are all stuck in a dream where they cannot control their actions but watch as their bodies operate as if it has a mind of its own.  Judgment walks up to the bank robber behind the counter and forces everyone in the bank to watch the display.

“You are powerless and weak and will die by your own hand, you have accomplished nothing in life and will leave this place as nothing but an annoying memory” Judgment forces the robber to put a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger.  The man’s body falls to the floor face down revealing only a gaping hole where the back of his head used to be.  Judgment levitates two bank robbers to the center of the bank facing each other standing two feet apart. “I read your minds and learned that you two are identical twins, which have never been apart.  What a ridiculously cliché thing that is.  I suppose the only punishment suitable would be for you two to also die together.”  Judgment forces them to grab one another by the ears, while everyone watches in horror as they begin to head butt each other.  The sound of foreheads hitting soon turn to a squish sound as the hostages are sprayed with the blood from the blows being dealt to each other by the twins.  The twins fall to the floor still holding each other by the ears, but land where their once used to be faces touch as if they were kissing.

“Mr. Leader of the band of misfit bank robbers, I have something special for you. It would seem that “blowing someone’s brains out” to prove your point is your method of destruction.  Your fascination with “brains” has landed you this interesting punishment, as well as to prove my point in the process.” The bank robber’s hands rise to his face.  Against his will, his hands begin to cup and stop underneath his nose.  Seconds’ later pink fluid comes out of his nostrils and spill into his hands running over onto the floor.  “Ironically that is the first time I have melted someone’s brain, and I have to say I think I am pretty damn good at it,” says Judgment.  The last bank robber drops to the floor with his face falling in his still cupped hand splashing his brain fluids all over.

The hostages are released from the stasis that judgment had them in while he dispatched the robbers.  They all appeared to still be in stasis because of what they just witnessed at the hands of this seemingly innocent young man.

“You all allow scum like this to dominate you, to control you, and you do nothing but take it.  You are just as guilty as the garbage that you see on the floor.  For being weak, you all will be punished.”  Screams of terror ring out in the bank as judgment uses his powers to make them attempt to hold the weight of their weakness as it slowly forces them to the ground.  The hostages fight against the invisible weights that are forcing them to the ground, but the more they struggle the stronger the weight gets until they are all lying down.  They continue to push upwards but to no avail as the invisible weights bear down on them.  They all appear to be stuck underneath nothing but air, but it is the will of judgment to crush the weak.  All of sudden the invisible weights start crushing the hostages, the screams stop only to be replaced with the sound of the crunch from the hostages being flattened almost simultaneously.  The floor is a blanket of blood and chunks, bodies scattered everywhere.  Judgment wipes his glasses and then his shoes and steps through the wall into the unknown.



      The stars in the night sky cannot be seen because of the light from the burning building.  The support beams are collapsing and there are people still inside frantic to get out.  The bottom floor resembles a blanket of fire and the top floor resembles a black hole because of all the smoke. The residents still trapped inside have given up hope on escaping and started to pray to whoever will listen.  The building echoes of distrust, and the sound of fire burning is all around.  In the mist of it all, a loud crash is heard.  The buildings current inhabitants close their eyes and wait for it all to be over, but one of the residents open their eyes and look up from their desperate prayer. She tries her best to make out what seems to be a figure encased in smoke.  The figure starts to become more opaque the longer the resident stares until the figure can be made out clearly.  “Retribution” removes its mask to reveal smooth dark skin and a head of dirty red hair the color of autumn leaves.  The resident yells, “It’s a woman, she has come to save us.”  Finally, coming to the realization that she is not hallucinating, the resident starts yelling, “Help Us!!!”

Retribution surveys the scene and counts how many people she needs to save. Retribution never speaks but simply points to the direction that she made her entrance.  The residents start moving immediately to the gigantic hole in the wall.  Filled with hope that they will be fine they start to cheer and shed tears of joy.  Retribution grabs as many children as she can carry and turn to shadow, which in turn converts the children in her grasp to shadow. Once the transformation is complete she leaps out of the hole and plummets straight to the earth.  Retribution triggers her abilities and disappears completely on the way down and upon landing becomes materialized with the children in tow.  The children quickly run to the ambulances while retribution reverts back to smoke and heads into the burning building for the rest of the stranded residents.  Retribution gets the rest of the children out the building and smiles as she watches them run to the safety of the firefighters.

She returns to the burning building and smiles at the remaining residents.  Retribution speaks, “My name is E, I tell you this because I will be the last person any of you will meet.  You all are being punished for your crimes.  This house is a place of evil and must be purged; this drug house is responsible for the deaths of many people of this city, which means you all are equally responsible. You all will go to hell and make sure you tell the devil who sent you there.”  Retribution smile turns sinister and her eyes turn black; the residents’ have a face of shock as they come to the realization that they are going to die a horrible death.  Retribution turns to shadow and then to smoke, and finally to fire.  The room gets hotter and hotter and the screams of the last remaining residents can be heard for miles.  The wicked residents’ skin melts away to reveal muscles and ligaments and then the muscle tissue begins to turn darker.  The screams of pain cease and the only sounds are of the sizzle of the remains of the residents, and then the sound of the building collapsing.

Heroes stand for justice; otherwise they would be considered villains.  What separates these vigilantes from the murders that are locked up?  Is it because they are super-powered we allow them to blatantly break the law.  It can be argued that they only kill those who break the law or they only “punish” those who are not righteous, but what gives them the power to decide that?  We allow this to happen because we are too scared to act; we are too scared to face them.  We are stronger than you think; together we can bring these “Heroes” to justice.  Together…..we….can….punish….these…..h